The Immune System


The Immune System

We are exposed to harmful microorganisms everyday, such as bacteria and virus. Many life threatening diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as pneumonia, dengue, malaria, botulism, AIDS and etc. Harmful microbes can penetrate into our body through inhalation, exposed wound, insects bites, contaminated food and water. How do our body combat of these invaders?

In most cases, our body defence system or immune system performs a great job of protecting our body from germs that cause infection and illness. The immune system is composed of a network of special cells, tissues, organs and proteins. Besides, immune system also monitors and defends the presence of any abnormal cells in the body before it develops and leads to cancer.

Disorder of the Immune System

Disorder of the immune system consists of 4 main categories:

    1. Immunodeficiency Disorders

    2. Defined as the improper function or malfunction of immune system. A person can either born with this disorder (primary immunodeficiency) or acquires the disorder through infection or drugs (secondary immunodeficiency). AIDS is one of the life threatening immunodeficiency disease which caused by infection of a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

    3. Autoimmune Disorders

    4. Autoimmune disorders defined as the inability of immune system to distinguish between substances that are "self" and those that are foreign. Thus, immune system mistakenly attack and destroy healthy tissues and organs. Examples of this disorder include rheumatoid arthritis, which the joints and surrounding tissues are inflamed.

    5. Allergy Disorders

    6. Allergic disorders happen when the immune system becomes hypersensitive to the exposures to particular substances through inhalation, ingestion, injection or otherwise contacted. The substances that provoke such reaction are called allergens. Common allergens include pollen, animal fur, feathers, dust, dyes and certain chemical used in cosmetics. Asthma is an allergic disorder of the airway that carries air in and out of your lungs. The wall lining inside the airway becomes sore and swollen. It is sensitive and reacts strongly to allergen.

    7. Cancer of the Immune System

    8. This can occur when cells of the immune system grow out of control. For example, Leukemia, which involves abnormal growth of white blood cells, is a common childhood cancer.

Wellness Tips For Healthy Immune System

    • Get enough sleep

    • Immune system is replenished when we are sleeping. The immune system is suppressed and weakened for those who suffer from insomnia and restless sleep.

    • Exercise

    • Regular and moderate exercises enhance blood circulation, boost immune system and relieve stress. Exercise also helps in promoting a restful sleep at night.

    • Right dietary habits

    • "You are what you eat". Go for wholesome diet. Choose fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables. They are excellent source of vital minerals and vitamins (vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium are important in promoting a strong immune function). Immune-boosting food includes kiwi, lemon, broccoli, pumpkin, papaya, cold pressed olive oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil, mushroom and etc.

    • Minimize intake of processed food

    • Processed foods such as smoked meat, canned food and drinks, instant noodles, junk food which are typically high in sodium, sugar and contains trans fat draw energy out of our body. These foods which are high in calories but low in nutrients definitely are opponent of a healthy immune function.

    • Deal with stress wisely

    • Short term stress prompts the immune system to divert in fighting infection. However, people under chronic stress in long term tend to have elevated cortisol hormone in their blood stream, which leads to suppressed immune system. Thus, we should identify the most suitable way to cope with stress and it is definitely varies among individuals.

Our recommendations

Aside from practising the wellness tips above, it is also recommended to include health supplement into your daily diet that is fit and suitable to promote a healthy body defence system: