DXN Marketing Plan

DXN uses a Multi-level Marketing MLM plan. Many features of DXN marketing plan:

Global plan - One world one market, one global network.

Energy saving plan - with upward compression mechanism.

Low pressure, high reward - Low maintenance, high % of bonus payout.

Enjoy worldwide profit sharing and overriding - International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus etc.

Reward for depth expansion - overriding bonus not limit to 5 generations.

Better reward for width expansion - overriding % proportional to no. of qualified lines.

Flexible network - reward for both width and depth expansion.

Fair plan - downline can overtake upline after they breakaway .

Low breakaway target - easily promoted and breakway from upline.

Achievable plan - low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus.

Retirement plan - for high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed.

Win win plan - when downline promoted, upline will get better reward with higher %.

Combination of static & dynamic plan - No drop in % for Distributor (6% - 21%); for SA and above, they are able to get higher % for better performance.

14 ranks for promotion - more recognition for distributors.

Two Travel Seminar Incentives for different categories of qualifier - taking care of both higher and lower level distributors.

* As per dynamic compression.